OpenUpon Podcast #13 - Learning a New Language

Andy presents Phil with his goal of learning a new language this year. They discuss Ruby, C++, F#, a deeper .NET knowledge, and other possibilities. [More]

OpenUpon Podcast #12 - A Look At The Windows Phone 7 Series

Phil and Andy discuss some of the recent news around the Windows Phone platform. In this cast, they focus on some apps, new phones, and general direction of the platform. Also, listen at the end for some boopers and a pretty funny review of an app. [More]

OpenUpon Podcast #11 - ISP Rant (1 of 6)

Phil rants about AT&T's DSL Technical support. Lies.. all lies... [More]

OpenUpon Podcast #11 - Revisit MongoDB (2 of 6)

Phil talks about the experiences that he and his development team have with MongoDB, in the Azure cloud. Doesn't sound pretty.

OpenUpon Podcast #11 - Zappos Crack / Security / Passwords (3 of 6)

Phil and Andy talk about security, in general. What does it mean to your site? They go on to talk about passwords and how they manage their private information. [More]

OpenUpon Podcast #11 - CodeMash 2012 Conference (4 of 6)

Phil talks about his experiences at CodeMash and what it had to offer. He also has some entertaining stories... Hanselman Vs. Carbone [More]

OpenUpon Podcast #11 - WinRT & HTML5 (5 of 6)

Andy and Phil talk HTML5 & WinRT.

OpenUpon Podcast #11 - Behind the Scenes - Dojo? / Windows Phone Apps (6 of 6)

Phil and Andy don't know the recorder is still running. Let's hear what they have to say... [More]

OpenUpon Podcast #10 - Lucene Indexing (1 of 2)

Phil and Andy are back! They startup the podcast after about 1 year of hibernation! These tow discuss the [Lucene Indexer](, [Solr](, and [Lucene's .NET Port]( They touch on how to start using Lucene, what it's for, and ways of implementing it. [More]

OpenUpon Podcast #10 - SignalR, Web Server Scalability Rant, & a Mystery Topic (2 of 2)

Andy & Phil discuss the use of SignalR, Phil rants about the marketing of "fast & scalable' web servers, and discusses some mystery topics. [More]

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